Travels, meetings, a project and the will to succeed ... Roseparo Nomadic Craftsmanship.

In 2006, two young and self-taught designers, Charlène et NAAB created the Chic & Ethnic brand. Their work is the result of a meeting and their mutual love of traveling.

Determined, they have turned towards the creation of refined jewels, with a voluntary simple aesthetic, and a natural and timeless look. Inspired by the traditional rosary beads of the Tibetian Monks, the Mâlâ, they have adapted them to create a new trend of refined and elegant jewellery. It is therefore natural for them to develop and name their collection: “Spirit of Tibet”.

Today, building on their experiences, they are pursuing the adventure and have given a new name to their brand Roseparo Bijoux.

With production in our workshops in LYON and handmade jewels, the new creations have kept the original spirit of creative simplicity, purity, escape, and elegance.