Trips, meetings, a project and the desire to carry it out ... nomadic artisan Roseparo.

Self-taught creators, Charlène & Nabil have created jewelry since 2006. Their work is the fruit of a common love of travel, the pleasure of working as a couple and a beautiful encounter with a Tibetan.

Their jewelry style is refined, deliberately simple, natural and timeless. Inspired by the traditional rosary of Tibetan monks, the Mâlâ, they redesign it to create chic and ethnic jewelry.

They push the exercise to the point of designing and making their own pearls for their first collection "Spirit of Tibet".

Today, drawing on their experience and expertise, they are continuing the adventure, signing their Roseparo jewelry.

With a production always coming from their Lyon workshops and a making of handmade jewelry, the new creations keep within them the original spirit of the creators: simplicity, elegance and originality.