Our unique jewellery is born from a creative collaboration based on observation and reinvention, each piece is an original creation. Nabil and Charlène were able to find their balance in a creative back and forth game. They are inspired by a sketch, a picture, a piece of material, a trip...

In search of evidence.

Some ideas just come automatically because everything is present: consistency, simplicity, elegance and that little extra, the emotion, that gives a meaning to our work ”.

Charlène & Nabil


Handmade in France in our workshops in LYON, the casting demands great attention, in terms of quality.

Our refined creative vision and respect of our customers drives us to endeavour to get top quality workmanship. This requirement applies to each pearl, from the smallest to the most complex, both in terms of the materials used that in every little detail.

We have built a close relationship based on mutual trust over the years with our Foundry.

The fact that the Foundry is close by our workshops, facilitates constant monitoring of the quality of our pearls. 



All our jewellery is handmade in our home-studio. We always work in the traditional way in order to preserve the soul and spirit of Roseparo jewels « Nomadic Craftsmanship ».