Maintenance tips

What is the composition of Roseparo jewelry?

The majority of our jewelry is made of metal covered with 18 carat gold or 925 silver.
Their base is in polished brass (do not contain nickel and lead EU standard). Some jewelry is made of solid 925 silver.

How to maintain my Roseparo jewelry?

In order to preserve the shine of your jewelry, it is necessary to avoid contact with sea and swimming pool water on a regular basis (rinse the jewelry with fresh water).
Perfume and cosmetics can alter the shine of our jewelry. It is therefore advisable to apply makeup and perfume before putting on your jewelry. We recommend that you regularly clean your jewelry.

Regarding the jade thread used for our jewelry: this braided nylon link offers great resistance to wear and supports water very well. However, avoid prolonged contact with sea and swimming pool water which could, on the other hand, cause accelerated wear of the plating.

My jewelry is black, what should I do?

Your jewelry will age over time, this is completely normal.

To clean it use soapy water :

 - It is enough for this case, to rub the jewel using a small soft brush soaked in water with soap added, a little soap will do the trick.

- Dry it while rubbing the jewel with a soft cloth.